You sit there

‘ was a different experience of being an audience than what I usually experience and it felt like every moment was completely open to anything happening from each side, from you and from us, and those moments where we take time, and just look and we take in, and that exchange is allowed to happen, a dialogue is happening all of the time, is just really really exciting.’ - audience member

Looks with satisfaction, gusts of affirmation. Awkward stumbling, attempting the hero, just getting there. Nodding in agreement, nodding in sympathy, nodding in hopefulness, nodding in assurance, nodding in distress. Being nodded. Pretending not to be nodded. Taking a moment. Giving a hand. Working with invisible tasks and weight and bodies. It takes time. But it’s fine, it's ok. We can share the weight.

What does care look like in a society that continues to devalue such labour? When do you come closer and help? Is it helping?
What is happening in the in between space of care relations? What movements of care do you feel you are playing a part in?

Through time, through extrapolation, a splayed hand, guiding, Katherine invites you to share in the shifting between the ambiguities, joys and tensions of attempting to give and receive care.

Choreographed and performed by Katherine Hall
Outside eye - Jo Bannon
Sound design - Yas Clarke
Choreographic mentoring - Jo Fong and Charlie Ashwell
Lighting & stage design - Jenni Pystynen
Costume design - Jade Leigh-Webb
Design advice by Jo Palmer
Producing support by Emily Williams

Created with support from Arts Council England, Theatre Bristol, Attenborough Arts Centre, Arnolfini, Interval and Dance4.

Photo: Matt Cawrey, Paul Samuel White

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