You sit there

You sit there explores how power can shift within caring relationships. Where are you giving and receiving and who is in control of this?
You sit there is in production in Spring 2018.  Available for touring from September 2018. For booking information please get in touch!

“There is so much more to think about of care than we give time to consider. You’ve managed to capture it into an amazing visual and audible performance. I felt warmth for those being cared for, the carers, ageing, disability, change, life and being thankful for what you have. It’s such a vulnerable place to be. I was at first worried that I was missing the sunshine, but you brought it instead.”

“I felt like I was watching you juggle life. Like just try and keep everything going. Felt moved by this as I can see this tension in my own life. Raised questions about responsibility and how far love can carry us through.”

Choreographed and performed by Katherine Hall
Dramaturgy by Jo Bannon
Sound Design by Yas Clarke
Costume Design by Jade Leigh-Webb
Choreographic mentoring by Jo Fong

Set design advisory by Jo Palmer 
Producer: Emily Williams

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