You sit there

You Sit There is a celebration of the ambiguities, joys and tensions that exist in the attempt to give and receive care in a society that continues to devalue emotional labour and ignore the ways that it is gendered.

Through a weaving of movement, text and sound, Katherine invites you to consider how our communities might be different if we understood care as a physical offering that we are all playing a part in.

Choreographed and performed by Katherine Hall
Outside eye - Jo Bannon
Sound design - Yas Clarke
Choreographic mentoring - Jo Fong
Lighting & stage design - Jenni Pystynen
Costume design - Jade Leigh-Webb
Design advice by Jo Palmer
Producing support by Emily Williams

Created with support from Arts Council England, Theatre Bristol, Attenborough Arts Centre, Arnolfini, Interval, Tetrad & Dance4.

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