Powerfully Careful
The Great Invisible 
Caring Dances 

3 workshops delivered as part of Katherine’s 2017 research project into performing care open to anyone with a professional or personal interest in performance or care. Supported by Arts Council England, Theatre Bristol, Tetrad, Attenborough Arts Centre and Dance4.

Saturday 1st April 2017, 11-5.30pm, Brewery Studio, Bristol
FREE to attend with lunch included

A workshop exploring the shifting of power in care relations using exercises which draw on movement and performance practices.

Katherine and Hamish invited people to explore, support and witness each others perceptions and experiences of care in an open shared space.
Participants were guided through simple movement exercises, discussion time, and light contact exercises; holding a space to explore questions like:
- are we secondary to each other?
- who has control over your body?
- what does performing care look like?
Morning with Hamish MacPherson
Working with a simple structure for warming up collectively. Looking after each others needs, working with passivity, consent, force and intimacy. Somewhere between exercise and performance offering physical caring as a relational and aesthetic practice; as a negotiation of constantly fluctuating needs, capacities and interests.

Lunch - We ate vegan chilli and rice outside the studio to catch the sunshine.

Afternoon with Katherine Hall
Some suggest that the origin of care lies in the action of giving focus to another. Katherine guided the group through a simple exercise ‘giving and taking focus’ to consider where actions of care exist amongst a group of people. Over time the exercise will evolve from moving objects to moving with others, exploring care as a shifting power which can come in different choreographic shapes and actions.

Sunday 21st May, The Trampery, London, 1-5pm
£15, Hosted as part of Open Senses Festival 2017

'An ethics of care directs our attention to the need for responsiveness in relationships - paying attention, listening, responding' (Carol Gilligan).

A workshop exploring the sensory shifting of attention in care relations, using exercises which draw on movement and performance practices.

Katherine and Hamish guided participants through movement exercises, holding a space to explore questions like 'what can performing care look like?' and 'how do we give, take, disperse attention?'

Friday 2nd June, 11-5pm, Dance4, Nottingham
£5 with lunch included

A movement workshop exploring care as a practice of dancing and community with Katherine Hall and Rosemary Lee.  

Rosemary led a warm-up focused on listening to each other and then spoke about her where care is present in her choreographic practices. 

Together we ate soup & salad lunch. 

In the afternoon, Katherine led a movement drawing exercise in the local park and then returned to the studio to guide the group through some solo and group dance improvisation exercises to explore giving and dispresing attention. 

‘I  gained  a grounding  I hadn’t felt  in a while’
‘I  met  great  people.  Engaged in  a nuanced and  beautifully attentive  movement practice and  ate very well’
‘I  gained  new perceptions  of how people connect  with each other and relate  to one another.’

- participant feedback

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