Movements of Care


I notice the people and their attempting efforts to always be there, right here, right there, over there but still here, right here but still there, constantly there, being there,
together there, choreographing care.

Movements of Care is a book exploring care as a way of moving and moving as a way of caring. It invites the reader to think about their idea of care, to notice the shifting of power in caring relations and to notice how they choreograph care in their daily life. 

This book has been made alongside the research and making of new solo dance performance, You sit there.

It has been developed and informed by conversations with dancers, with people working in professional health care or  voluntary care, and with people whose lives are orientated around caring for a close friend or relative.

‘Came upon and couldn’t resist this beautiful, poignant, booklet #MovementsOfCare today. Recognising, giving name to, the choreography, the internal and external dance of care giving and receiving. What a great project. Such a treat to read. Thank you.’

‘Touching, thought-provoking; and a reminder that the small - as well as the bigger - movements of care matter and are just as valuable’.

A warm thank you to the generous 40 people who contributed to this public collection of Movements of Care.

A massive thank you to Charlie Ashwell (dance artist, UK) for mentoring me on this project.

Designed in collaboration with Conway and Young

Supported by Dance4, Theatre Bristol, Attenborough Arts Centre and Arts Council England.

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