This is a simple 10min morning exercise which I have developed to take pleasure in noticing the dancing inside your body, to think about the choreographies that make you who you are and to recognise  the shifting between inside and out, the expanding out and drawing in.

I have recently been exploring ways to animate the drawings that are created through the Morning Inside Dances exercise with artist Sam Metz. Take a look below!

thankful for my spine, for being my channel, dispersing, flickering, happily wobbly, sliding up and out, ground, gaining power, wildly pouring, to be braced, lifted, proud, back bone on the move

‘Watching this animation back reminded me, internally, how I was sensing myself when drawing that morning. My spine felt so compressed and my whole self felt heavy and reduced down, as if there were no spaces in between the spaces in my body. The animation reveals flickers of some of the truest parts of myself: memories, sensations and the way that I navigate my own anatomy. This gave me the opportunity to pause for a moment and contemplate how they were all interconnecting and weaving within that moment. I never expected that my amateur drawing skills were able to do that and speak such volume, but the animation really brings that embodied experience to life. Thank you!’

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