Morning Dances

A contemporary dance class for 50+

Morning Dances class is a combination of dance exercises to raise awareness of sensation, imagination and perception. The class involves seated awakening routines, travelling exercises focused on increasing strength and stability, creative group dance improvisation that explores key principles of contemporary dance and learning choreographies inspired by thoughts, music, and imagery contributed by the group.
The group supports each other to encourage creativity, curiosity and expression of the body in a playful, relaxed and safe atmosphere.

'Morning Dances is a brilliant way to start the week. With inspiration and encouragement, we take the body and mind on an expressive and enjoyable journey. It feels great to move and stretch to music and to learn and explore themes and ideas from the world of dance.' - participant
'I find the class calms my mind and makes me friends with my body. I love dancing with and in a group: we're all shapes and sizes and an unlikely looking bunch at first glance, but the alchemy of dance makes us all beautiful! - participant

This weekly class series ran between across 6 terms 2015-2017 in collaboration with Kathleen Downie.

Morning Dances was subsidised and s
upported by Link Age Bristol. 

The Morning Dances group performed in Cross that Bridge, a dance event hosted by Mean Feet Dance on 10th October 2016 to promote mental health awareness and suicide prevention at the Marine Lake Bridge in Weston-Super-Mare. 

Photo: (1-2) Bethany Harbord, (3) Mark Hall

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