Fill in the _____

is a troubling yet ordinary lecture of nonsense, playing on the oddities of managing time and the fragility of relationships. Through chaotic text, interactive-task-based episodes and songs of intimate contemplation, interruption and sheer pointlessness, the performer speaks of coming, going and shifting through in-between moments; hoping to find a sense of what makes us tick!

“I recommend you go along and waste some time with her - remember all the moments you dedicated to someone - you waited and wanted but it didn’t end up that way. Self-deprecating humour hides a more meaningful journey - poignant loops of sound, storytelling you to that place we can never be in fully, even in memory.”

— Guerrilla Art Lab, Nottingham

'Katherine's performance has a vulnerability that is both tender and commanding.'
— The Grade, Leicester

Previous Performances:

Interval Takeover, The Wardrobe, Bristol, November 2016

Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester, March 2016

BJCEM Mediterranea17 Bienniel, Milan, October 2015

New Walk Museum, UK Young Artists Festival, Leicester 8th & 9th November 2014

Cube Gallery, Phoenix, Leicester, 21st August 2014

Supported by UK Young Artists and De Montfort University

Photos: Bethany Harbord (1), Odette Ziemelis (1), Liam Keown (4)

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